Utopia 615

23:00 Uhr

RR (Live) + Ace of Diamonds (Dj Set)

RR (Live)

Ace of Diamonds (Dj Set)

Local Utopia Support

Born and raised in Berlin, Ace of Diamonds is accelerating club culture by playfully handling well known rhythms. As she tries to express longings yet unknown to the crowd, her sets are unpredictable. They are full of vivid mash-ups and unusual combinations in genre and sound. Footwork and Baile Funk go naturally together to keep the booty bumping. She explores the club as epitome of culture and community.

RR is the post romantic electro duo Labour and Lamb Kebab, Exploring the freedom possible in self created prisons. Using soft wave and dark romantic beats RR asks you to indulge in your emotions and drown in passion. Berlin based musician Labour also known under the alias Bashful Ray draws inspiration from his dark wave romantic roots. He made his 2016 debut on the Berlin label Switch Handz and is and integral part of their upcoming double LP self titled Switch Handz.

Rachel de la Torre (Lamb Kebab) is a Cuban-American rapper based in Berlin. Most recently Lamb has collabborated with Réelle on his EP Kissing Myself released by the Swiss label Danse Noire. This collaboration is a statement of unconditional self-love through queer erotic practice, the single God is a declaration of the female divine, further explored in their video collaboration on Kissing Myself.




Spooky looks by Kaan Kanbur