Nr. z. P.

Sa 15 07


22 00 H

Version Excursion pt.IV

Soundsystem Link-up

It’s been a year! Hot Wire Hi-Fi is back in full effect to move your body and intellect. This time around we play alongside special guest and future legend Blakkadread Soundsystem – two handcrafted sounds in the arena @nrzp for the very first time! Come with us on a journey through deep roots reggae that braces us for troubled times, ecstatic digital dancehall and meditative steppers. As usual we’ll be ending on a rocksteady note to shake off any worry any sorrow and realize a better tomorrow. Round for round and tune for tune as we welcome the sun and farewell the moon.

Discrimination will not be tolerated, no phobias no isms of any kind. All people welcome.